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Sat Dec 07 2019
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BF2 Stats stuff
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Hello and welcome to my web pages

If you found me by a link on one of my page designs, then feel free to contact me.

My old page was set out in html and used a few javascript tricks

My new pages are a combination of HTML, Javascript and PHP codes!
I needed all three to generate the pages around this basic template which I made myself

Much of the stuff I am doing at the moment is about collecting BF2 game data and stats 
and then processing that into a neat and readable format all written in PHP,
and then displayed in HTML at the last minute 

This page will probably look like this for a while,
but soon when I get more time between gaming, I hope to transfer some of my old
page across. and then add a whole load of new stuff.

The pages will probably be centred around playing BF2 and maybe some programming stuff
Links to pages I like
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My Old site
My Duck Shoot Game
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